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Welcome to throwingchairs, a community run by the talented Casey, Melissa, Linh, and Bebe. This is a place for us to post icons, headers, banners, and other graphics for display and use. Also, we may post brushes and other icon resources in the future.

We work hard to make these graphics, so we expect that you will respect the community rules. Thank You!

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» Join the community and add it to your friends list or you will NOT be added back.
» Comment on the public entry after joining or your membership will be rejected.
» Do not contact us in our personal journals with subjects concerning graphics.
» No direct linking!
» Comment on anything you take, whether if it's up for grabs or if you are going to use it as an example.
» If you take an icon that's up for grabs, credit must be given in keywords.
» You must credit the maker who made the graphic in the keywords. Also, if you can, PLEASE credit throwingchairs as well. We spend hours making graphics for you so we expect that you can take a few seconds to credit us.
» If you take a banner that's up for grabs, credit in userinfo.
» Do not use my graphics anywhere but Livejournal!
» Do not request. This is not a requesting community.

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upload to your own servers!

of course, a text link is also sufficient.

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Everything made and coded by defeated, innocenceagain, sourish, and theyspunaweb.

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